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In Preparation of Rio+20

06 Jun 12

Rio+20 Dialogues: “Vote for the Future You Want”

The Rio Dialogues have set up a website to vote which challenges are most urgent and which solution approaches are most promising.

The ballot lists the ten topics of the Sustainable Development Dialogues, or Rio+20 Dialogues, each containing 10 recommendations.


To vote, go to vote.riodialogues.org

About the Rio Dialogues

The Sustainable Development Dialogues, also known as the Rio+20 Dialogues, an undertaking of the Brazilian Government with the support of the UN, is a pioneering initiative expressly designed to create a direct channel for civil society to increase and improve global participation in Rio+20 and in international conferences in general.

During these Dialogues, held from June 16 to June 19, experts and stakeholders from civil society will gather to determine which recommendations should be submitted directly to the Heads of State and Government at the High-Level Segment of the Rio+20 Conference.

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The Rio+20 Summit is less than a month away. Policymakers and civil society representatives have been advocating for the inclusion of the nexus approach in “The Future We Want”, the outcome document of the negotiations — by Olimar Maisonet-Guzmán

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Needs for affordable and clean energy, for water in adequate quantity and quality, and for food security will increasingly be the central challenges for humanity:these needs are strongly linked.

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“Global Trends 2030” a report by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicts that one of the four megatrends will be the “Food, Water, Energy Nexus.”


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