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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2014

01 Sep 14

Farming First

Reshaping the Water-Food-Energy Conundrum to Address Urban Agriculture

01 Sep 14


REEEP: Business Often Taking Lead on Water-Energy-Food Sustainability, Report Finds; but Governments Must Catch Up or Risk Leaving Some Behind

31 Aug 14


FAO sees Qatar’s Sahara Forest Project as an example for others

31 Aug 14

The Guardian

“Water efficiency should be our goal”, says head of World Water Week

29 Aug 14

EDF Blog

New Graphics from DOE Illustrate the Energy-Water-Land Nexus

29 Aug 14

The Guardian

Food, energy and water: the politics of the nexus

29 Aug 14

The Water Network

World Bank Initiative Moves Talk On Water Energy Nexus To Action

28 Aug 14


The Water-Energy Nexus Takes Center Stage

28 Aug 14

Entrepreneurship Matters

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Interlinked Solutions For Interlinked Challenges

26 Aug 14


Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Catalyst for economic development?

26 Aug 14


Final Programme for World Water Week - water-energy nexus is key focus, Stockholm, Sweden

23 Aug 14


Africa: At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy

22 Aug 14

Turkish Review

Unconventional hydrocarbon production: energy-water / environment-regulation nexus?

19 Aug 14


Tanzanian schools urged to teach and practice sustainable development

19 Aug 14


Energy expert: Egypt on verge of humanitarian crisis

11 Jul 14

Energy Exchange

EDF Energy Innovation Series Feature: Desalination - Here Comes the Sun. And Freshwater

10 Jul 14


At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy

27 Jun 14

The Royal Gazette

Prince Charles urges businesses to focus on risks

26 Jun 14

The Guardian

Food, energy and water: the politics of the nexus

24 Jun 14


The Water Energy Food Nexus in Drylands


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