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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2015

03 Sep 15


Wastewater to Support Supply of Water, Energy and Fertilizer in Vietnamese City

28 Aug 15

IPS news

Water, Climate, Energy Intertwined with Fight Against Poverty in Central America

27 Aug 15

New York Times

In California, a ‘Thoughtful’ Conversation on Water

26 Aug 15


Managing Energy and Water Across Borders

25 Aug 15


Ecocity World Summit 2015 to welcome 13 ministers and government officials as speakers

25 Aug 15

Circle of Blue

The Stream, August 20: Tanzania Cuts off Water to Farmers to Protect Hydropower

25 Aug 15

University of Sussex

SPRU project to investigate resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus

21 Aug 15

Water Nexus Solutions

From gray to green, investing in natural infrastructure to address the Nexus challenges

20 Aug 15


Nexus mainstreaming for the regional sector strategies Water, Energy and Food Security in the Arab region

18 Aug 15


Masdar Institute Working to Bolster UAE’s Agriculture Sector through Soil Enhancement Research

14 Aug 15

National Science Foundation

New grants foster research on food, energy and water: a linked system

14 Aug 15

Energy Live News

Energy research projects in the US to receive boost

06 Aug 15


Lower Mekong Initiative Promotes Sustainable Development

06 Aug 15

Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee

Gender Dimension of the WaterEnergyFood Nexus in the Middle East and North Africa Region

04 Aug 15

Beef Magazine

Ignoring the water problem is no longer an option

04 Aug 15

Khaleej Times

Tourism, realty sectors aided UAE’s 2014 GDP

03 Aug 15


Social innovation in action: collaboration, shared value and a new business model

30 Jul 15

The Conversation

How can we prevent the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from failing?

29 Jul 15

TomKatCenter Stanford University

From Waste Water to Fresh Water: Anaerobic treatment for energy-neutral potable water

28 Jul 15


Deflecting the scarcity trajectory: Innovation at the water, energy, and food nexus


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