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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2015

26 May 15


Ensuring the UK’s water, energy and food security

21 May 15


World Water Congress: Renee Martin-Nagle Looks Forward to Scotland

21 May 15

Missouri S&T

What can be done about a water shortage?

20 May 15


Looking Beyond 2015: Promoting Years of Sustainability by Responding to Megatrends

18 May 15


The Water Energy Food Nexus - From Complexity to Simplicity

18 May 15

Deadline News

Scottish academics to help safeguard UK’s food, energy and water security

18 May 15

Abertay University News

Abertay’s interactive visulaisations expertise to help safeguard UK’s food security

16 May 15

The Huffington Post

MIT Group Used Solar Energy To Make Salty Water Drinkable In Off-Grid Areas

15 May 15

The Guardian

Food companies are unprepared for global water scarcity, says new report

15 May 15

The Guardian

Without ensuring universal access to water, there can be no food security

14 May 15


Research Associate in Water Energy-Food nexus

13 May 15


Not Another Nexus? Critical Thinking on the New Security Convergence in Energy, Food, Climate and Water

13 May 15

Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) (Brazil)

Healthy Urban Living and the Social Science of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus: UK-Brazil calls for collaborative research

13 May 15

Mark and Focus

Managing water-energy nexus pressures in the MENA region

07 May 15


Blog from the World Water Forum VI: Count in Nature to Better Share Water

02 May 15


Services and Slums thinkpiece published

30 Apr 15

Cambodia Herald

Water resources for water, food and energy security

30 Apr 15


How Does Water Impact Your Business?

27 Apr 15


Businesses Need Systems Thinking, Innovation to Address Water-Energy-Food Nexus Challenges

22 Apr 15

University of Arizona News

Biosphere 2 Hosts Forum on Food, Energy and Water


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