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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2014

21 Nov 14

RWL Water Blog

Group Proposes Water-Energy Nexus Research in Middle East, North Africa

20 Nov 14

FrackTracker Alliance

The Water-Energy Nexus in Ohio, Part II

19 Nov 14

The Source

Water and Wastewater Utility Operating Ratios - FY2013 Data

19 Nov 14

FrackTracker Alliance

The Water-Energy Nexus in Ohio - Part I

13 Nov 14


Water-Food Linkage in Arab World

10 Nov 14

Times of India

Fresh impetus to social science research - EU-India platform launched

10 Nov 14

IChemE President’’s Blog

Food for thought on the water-energy-food nexus (Day 167)

07 Nov 14

Peruvian Times

International Analysis: A Hostile Climate

06 Nov 14

The Guardian

Beating water and land shortages in the Middle East and north Africa

06 Nov 14

Huffington Post

Staring Down the California Drought: Looking at Solutions to Our Water Crisis

06 Nov 14

The Daily Star (Lebanon)

Climate change poses a growing threat to international security

06 Nov 14


Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Arab Countries

05 Nov 14


The Water Energy Nexus: The Benefits of Renewable Energy During A Drought

05 Nov 14

American Water

Navigating to new shores: Seizing

05 Nov 14


Geothermal Energy Collides With Drinking Water Needs in High Sierra

04 Nov 14


Best in Show: The Nexus eWater recycler saves water and energy

04 Nov 14

Utilities Unbundled

Utilities Unbundled

04 Nov 14

Bloomberg BNA

Gleick Discusses Water Quality, Quantity, Link to Energy Production

04 Nov 14

National Geographic

What the Disappearing Aral Sea Tells Us about the Value of Water

04 Nov 14

BBC News

UN urges salt-damage solution to reduce threat to crops


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