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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2014

20 Dec 14

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Blog

Understanding the Energy-Food-Water Nexus is Crucial for Business Success

18 Dec 14

Live Science

To Cool a Warming Planet, Give Developing Countries a Voice (Op-Ed)

17 Dec 14


Creating a Buzz about the Nexus

16 Dec 14

The Ecologist

The food-water-energy nexus defeated the Romans. It could defeat us too

16 Dec 14

New Security Beat Blog

Fossil Fuel Boom Rewiring North America’s Energy Infrastructure

15 Dec 14


Water security key to progress, stability in Africa: experts

13 Dec 14

Directions Magazine India

SMOS releases five year data of soil moisture

12 Dec 14

Silk Road Reporters

Relations Between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Continue Downward

10 Dec 14

CFA Institute Blog

Global Trends 2030

09 Dec 14


Is Water the New Bottom Line for the Private Sector?

08 Dec 14


UNECE and Global Water Partnership launch nexus assessment to promote a more sustainable use of natural resources in the Syr Darya River Basin

08 Dec 14


Australian Trade Minister To Visit South America

05 Dec 14

Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Senate Committee Approves Legislation on Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy, and the Energy-Water Nexus

03 Dec 14


Solving California’s drought crisis

03 Dec 14


UNESCO Launches Food, Energy, Environment and Water Network - African Regional Coverage

30 Nov 14

Japan Focus

Japan’s Radical Energy Technocrats: Structural Reform Through Smart Communities, the Feed-in Tariff and Japanese-Style “Stadtwerke”

26 Nov 14

Water Online

International Water Summit (IWS 2014) To Address Resource Sustainability And Water Security In Arid Regions

26 Nov 14

Global Canopy Programme

Water, Energy, Food Security Nexus in Latin America: call for inputs to regional scoping study

26 Nov 14

The World Bank

World Is Locked into about 1.5 degree C Warming and Risks Are Rising, New Climate Report Finds

26 Nov 14

Water Technology

IWS 2015 to address water sustainability and security challenges


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