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NEXUS in the Media

Archive 2015

30 Jul 15

The Conversation

How can we prevent the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from failing?

29 Jul 15

TomKatCenter Stanford University

From Waste Water to Fresh Water: Anaerobic treatment for energy-neutral potable water

28 Jul 15


Deflecting the scarcity trajectory: Innovation at the water, energy, and food nexus

21 Jul 15


How New Energy Is Crucial For World Water Supplies

14 Jul 15

High Country News

The water-energy nexus could become a collision in a warming world

10 Jul 15

The Straits Times (Singapore)

Undergrads organise summit on food, energy and water

10 Jul 15


Deflecting the scarcity trajectory

07 Jul 15


Postdoctoral Position: Resilience and vulnerability at the urban nexus of food, water, energy and the environment

02 Jul 15

Down to earth

Putting Society Back Into The Nexus

02 Jul 15

Social Story

“empowering people. Award” to identify tech-based social solutions is looking for nominations

02 Jul 15

Energy Efficiency Markets.com

Siemens Stiftung Offers Cash Awards for Innovations that Help Impoverished Areas

01 Jul 15

Foreign Affairs

International experts to discuss potential future scenarios for water, energy, agriculture, and mining in Latin America

28 Jun 15


New Report: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Latin America and the Caribbean

26 Jun 15

IWRA Emerging Professionals

Ask a Water Expert: Prof. Rabi Mohtar

26 Jun 15

Daily Times (Pakistan)

Water diplomacy by Tajikistan

26 Jun 15

Practical Solutions

RECAP: The Energy-Agriculture Nexus

25 Jun 15


Challenges for water technology - nutrient management

24 Jun 15

Sys-Con Media

American Solar Energy Society Announces SOLAR 2015: 44th Annual National Solar Conference

23 Jun 15

Circle of Blue

Water, Food, and Ecuador

23 Jun 15


SOLAR 2015 - “Expanding Horizons: Shaping the New Energy Economy”


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