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Archive 2013

11 Apr 14

Nexus in Egypt

The study focuses on food security, energy supply and water management and how these sectoral parts can be brought to the water-food-energy nexus. State-owned German implementing agency Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) commissioned the study.

11 Apr 14

Water-Energy Nexus

The energy-water nexus is gaining traction with diverse stakeholders around the world and it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot plan for our planet’s future if we do not consider energy and water together. - By Kate Zerrenner.

28 Mar 14

World Water Day 2014

World Water Day highlighted the importance of integrated planning through concerted policies and infrastructure. - By William Rex and Vivien Foster

28 Mar 14

World Water Day 2014

Water-related activities, such as treatment and distribution, account for almost 20 percent of California’s total electricity use. A disruption in access to one of these precious resources can have a detrimental effect on access to the other, creating a vicious cycle that unsettles our way of life. - By Katie Hsia-Kiung.

27 Mar 14

Nexus Concept

The key difference between the Nexus and IWRM is that IWRM starts with the water resource when considering the interrelationships between water, food and energy. In an idealized form the Nexus approach seeks to look at all three elements as an interrelated system. A policy paper by UNSGAB.

27 Mar 14

World Water Day 2014

Solutions to pressing issues must recognize mountains’ integral role in the water-energy-food nexus. - By Aditi Mukherji

26 Mar 14

World Water Day 2014

“In the water sector, the food-energy-water nexus is slowly replacing the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management, “ says Jeremy Allouche, member of the IDS Water Justice Programme and the STEPS Centre.

25 Mar 14


The theme of this year’s World Water Day has been “Water and Energy.” IFPRI senior researcher Claudia Ringler highlights the potential role of water markets in the water-energy-food nexus under global climate change.

18 Mar 14

World Water Day 2014

Report says energy accounts for 15% of global water usage, and will consume ever more through 2035

14 Mar 14


The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is pleased to invite applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher to work with Professor Declan Conway. SAHEWS is a two-year collaborative research program, which aims to realise opportunities for more effective water management in Southern Africa by addressing crucial knowledge gaps and integrating climate information with better understanding of economic linkages in water, food and energy.


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