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04 Oct 15


The road to resilience - managing and financing extreme weather risks

The frequency, severity and exposure of energy systems to extreme weather events are increasing.

24 Sep 15


A film by UNESCO WWAP: The interconnections between water, energy, food and environment are like a board game.

24 Sep 15


Where and how much freshwater is there in the world?

24 Sep 15


In 2009, the Arab Gulf nation of Qatar, which imports more than 90 percent of its food, set out to improve its food security and established the Qatar National Food Security Program.

21 Sep 15

News Article

Helping solve global challenges around the often-wasted resources of energy and water could open up big markets for local companies.

21 Aug 15


Water for Development

NEXUS in the Media

05 Oct 15

Hurryiet Daily News

Our planet has to provide for the survival and prosperity of its expanding population.

04 Oct 15

The Dallas Morning News

The recurring droughts of the last decade or more have been good for Texas in one way: They have made us understand we can’t realize our future without adequate water supplies.

04 Oct 15


Safe-Fail not Fail-Safe

02 Oct 15

Business Wire

Resilient energy needs smarter not just stronger solutions

01 Oct 15


The Eighth Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) will convene on 16-17 November 2015 in Beirut.


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