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19 May 16


Lauren Hooley, Research Assistant, Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme with Furture Directions International

Water is essential to energy production processes in both the mining of raw materials and in power generation. Energy is required for the extraction, purification, distribution, utilisation and disposal of water. The risks posed by the water-energy nexus manifest differently across the Indian Ocean region and the best approach to reduce the nexus will be contingent upon each country’s geographical and social intricacies. Reducing the strength of the water-energy nexus will improve the resilience of both water and energy in a future of climate and economic variability.

23 Mar 16


The road to resilience - managing the risks of the energy-water-food nexus is the second risk dimension investigated as part of the Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure initiative.

14 Mar 16


Sustainability Institute Projects recently completed a year-long research project entitled “Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities in the energy-food-water nexus in developing countries”, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development.

11 Dec 15


This publication contains the results of nexus assessments that have been carried out in the framework of the UNECE Water Convention’s programme of work for 2013–2015 in specific basin contexts.

29 Oct 15


Worldwatch Institute study suggests CARICOM-wide energy and climate targets and outlines strategies and initiatives for achieving them

23 Oct 15


by Fabiola Riccardini, istat, in Paris in June 2015

NEXUS in the Media

27 May 16

Science Careers

Life Sciences, Environmental Science

27 May 16


The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) is hiring 1 Scientific Project Manager

26 May 16


You’ve heard of grid parity, and now it’s time to meet pipe parity.

26 May 16

The Conversation

With the world’s population expected to exceed nine billion by 2050, scientists are working to develop new ways to meet rising global demand for food, energy and water.

26 May 16


Joana Bacallo, a Filipino flight attendant in a Middle East-based airlines, makes it her mission to bring clean water to rural areas


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