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08 Jun 12

In Preparation of Rio+20

Sustainable access to food, energy and water

The main challenge of building a sustainable world is to ensure the right of each and every one of the world’s people to resources and basic services. Furthermore, we have the inescapable obligation to do so in a responsible manner for both us and the rest of species while ensuring the rights of future generations and without exceeding the carrying capacity of the Earth’s natural resources. The scale of this challenge is still tremendous.

04 Jun 12


Working Towards Sustainable Development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy

A green economy is necessary if sustainable development is to be realized. However, as this report emphasizes, a green economy can also, if accompanied by the right policy mix, create more and better jobs, lift people out of poverty and promote social inclusion. In fact, the growth model of the past few decades has been inefficient, not only economically, but also from environmental, employment and social perspectives. A new development model – one which puts people, fairness and the planet at the core of policy-making – is urgently needed, and is eminently achievable. More fundamentally, this report demonstrates that employment and social inclusion must be integral parts of any sustainable development strategy and must be included in policies that address climate change and ensure the preservation of the environment. In particular, the report assesses the sectoral, employment and income implications of the transition to a green economy. It highlights the necessary conditions, policy prescriptions and good practices required to ensure that the green economy is characterized by gains in job quality, reductions in poverty and improvements in social inclusion.

14 Mar 12


The Blue Group Declaration to the 6th World Water Forum

“The time for solution is upon us.” The member countries of the Blue Group call upon all stakeholders of the 6th World Water Forum 2012, and the wider international community, to integrate human rights standards and principles when finding solutions to support the aim of universal access to water and sanitation.

16 Nov 11


Increasing the Impact of EU Development Policy: An Agenda for Change

The EU as a whole is the world’s largest donor and a key trading partner for developing countries. With its broad and ambitious development policies and comprehensive partnerships, the EU it is already making a significant contribution towards the MDGs. But we could have even greater impact.

16 Nov 11


Lessons Learnt from Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20

Presentation by Josefina Maestu, UN Water Decade Program on Advocacy and Communication - Presentation at the BONN 2011 NEXUS CONFERENCE


20 Mar 12

Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon highlights “nexus approach” while urging that environmental, social and economic aspects of development be integrated

Recent NEXUS Events

18 Jun 12

Side Event at Rio+20

This event will profile some of the world’s most innovative “natural capital partnerships” implementing integrated approaches toward the transition to green growth and green economies today. It will promote a south-south knowledge exchange and commitments from Mexico, the Coastal Eastern Africa region and Asia’s Greater Mekong Subregion.


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