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22 Feb 12

“Blue Planet” – Berlin Water Dialogues

This year Berlin has started a series of events called “Blue Planet – Berlin Water Dialogues”. The issue of water is an umbrella under which the organisers integrate the other aspects of the Nexus and provide a platform for dialogue for stakeholders and experts across different sectors.

The aim of the initiative is to support and facilitate the process of leaving behind the silo thinking and hence to transport the Nexus perspective. The first dialogue took place in conjunction with the international trade fair “Water Berlin International” this year in May. The second Berlin Water Dialogue will be hosted in conjunction with the “International Green Week” (the largest trade fair on food and agriculture) in January 2012. The meeting will be part of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA).


Beate Mitchell, Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues


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08 Dec 11

A satellite initiative of the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference

06 Jun 12

The Rio Dialogues have set up a website to vote which challenges are most urgent and which solution approaches are most promising.

21 Sep 11

Dieter Ernst is a former state secretary, and represents the RWL Water Group in the German Advisory Group.

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03 Mar 12

Rural21 – The International Journal for Rural Development

12 Jul 12


A survey of leaders at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos revealed that, for the first time, water-related risks are among the top 5 concerns when considering the likelihood and impact of all major global risks. Only the impact of a major, systemic financial failure concerns them more. Water is suddenly a greater concern than volatility of energy supplies, food shortages or even terrorism. This is a major shift. In the past five years, water hasn’t even been on their radar screen as a top risk. What’s happening?

08 Jan 12

Jerusalem Post

These days everything seems to be going green. The environmentally conscious live in green homes and hold green jobs, consume green energy and eat green food. So too in travel and transportation, as the perils of fuel dependency and environmental degradation spur developments in sustainable (or in other words, green) mobility.

29 May 12


Why the world needs an agricultural revolution in Africa – The Economist’s Daily Chart


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