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22 Feb 12

CEO Water Mandate “Water Action Hub”

This project will develop a mapping tool to connect actors with a shared interest in improving water management on a location-specific basis, to help generate “collective action”. Water-related activities of companies, NGOs, governments and donors will be overlaid onto water risk maps to encourage dating and multi-stakeholder partnerships.


Jason Morrison, Technical Director, United Nations CEO Water Mandate
Gavin Power, Deputy Director, United Nations Global Compact

Lead Organisation:

United Nations CEO Water Mandate


Deloitte, International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), GIZ, The Coca-Cola Company, SABMiller, Veolia Environment, Reed Elsevier

Further Reading

21 May 14

The Bonn 2014 Nexus Conference that took place 19/20 May 2014 has closed with a call to action by all participants, demand for responsible governance of natural resources, broad involvement of stakeholders, and an expansion of financial, institutional, technical and intellectual resources for nexus research and applications

10 Jul 15

As momentum builds towards the negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals and UN climate change summit later this year, the G7 countries have made a strong statement about the importance of climate security risks.

NEXUS in the Media

20 Oct 11


12 Nov 11

liveMINT & Wall Street Journal

23 Apr 13

Wall Street Journal;liveMINT

Resource security matters for India. It has to simultaneously secure energy, water and other minerals to support economic growth; meet basic needs for food, fuel and water for a growing population; and manage the environmental constraints and consequences of increased resource use.

19 Mar 14


Climate change will affect all countries but some are already affected. Their specific problems and answers to climate change and the water-energy-food security nexus is well worth a close look

15 May 12

Royal Science (United Kingdom)

National science academies of 15 countries issued joint statements today calling on world leaders about to meet at the upcoming G8 Summit and other international gatherings this year to give greater consideration to the vital role science and technology could play in addressing some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.


  • IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  • WEF World Economic Forum
  • WWF World Wide Fund for Nature

Bonn2011 Nexus Conference – in the context of Bonn Perspectives

  • Bonn Perspectives

initiated by

  • BONN
  • BMZ

funded by

  • European Regional Development Fund EFRE
  • NRW Ministerin fr Bundesangelegenheiten, Europa und Medien des Landes Nordrhein-Westphalen
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