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22 Feb 12

Integrated Water, Energy and Agriculture Programmatic Approach in Bolivia

In Bolivia, German Development Cooperation agricultural, water and energy programmes are developing joint indicators, in a more nexus-driven approach. Moving forward, activities could include things such as increased energy efficiency of water utilities, production of the required energy in the processes of drinking water treatment and provision and reusing waste water in agriculture.


Franz Marré, Head of Head of Division, Water, Energy, Urban Development and Geosciences, BMZ


BMZ, BMU, Govt of Bolivia



Further Reading

25 Aug 14

China’s rapidly growing economy is very quickly testing the limits of its resource constraints. While China is home to a quarter of the world’s population, it is endowed with disproportionately less arable land, oil and water. By Julian L. Wong.

20 Mar 12

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon highlights “nexus approach” while urging that environmental, social and economic aspects of development be integrated

08 Nov 11

The water, food, energy nexus approach puts a great deal of emphasis on increasing efficiency within production; however, it also must be applied to consumption in order to lower increasing demand from population and economic growth, according to Holger Hoff, senior research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute and lead author of the nexus background report for the Bonn2011 Conference.

NEXUS in the Media

27 Jun 12


In its RIO+20 Call-to-action, CGIAR called for “adopting cross-sectoral approaches which facilitate broader partnerships, coordinated regulatory frameworks and appropriate economic incentives. We need the vision and courage to transcend conventional sectoral approaches and apply integrated thinking to the management of agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, forests and water.” AlertNET wanted to find out more, and talked to Stephen Hall (Director General, WorldFish Center), Papa Seck (Director General, Africa Rice Center), Tony Simons (Director General, World Agroforestry Centre), Alain Vidal (Director, Challenge Program on Water and Food – CPWF), Amy Duchelle (Research Fellow, Center for International Forestry Research - CIFOR) and from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA), we have Peter Neuenschwander (Scientist Emeritus) and Piet van Asten (Systems Agronomist).

08 May 12

National Journal (USA)

What role should biofuels fill in U.S. energy policy? And how would that role impact agricultural demands? What considerations, including those of the environment, economy, and energy security, should policymakers keep in mind when crafting biofuels policy?

26 Jun 15

Practical Solutions

Lily Odarno about the joint Energy Engagement Series Practical Action

16 Jun 14

The Guardian

The dramatic spike in resource use over the last two decades, particularly in the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, has exacerbated the threat of resource scarcity. And the world’s failure to curb emissions of greenhouse gases means that the impacts of climate change will be felt strongly across food, water and energy - the three dimensions of the “nexus”. It is unsurprising there are increasing calls for innovative ways of approaching these problems. In recent years, the nexus approach has attracted significant interest from international organisations, the private sector and other global players as a way of tackling the interdependencies between water, energy and food security. The urgent need for joined up approaches to policy and practice lies at the heart of nexus thinking. It’s an approach which applies at all levels of society; from local competition over access to water for irrigation or livestock, to global connections between policy on biofuels, food and water security. - By Michael Bradshaw, Declan Conway and Hayley Leck


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