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22 Feb 12

Adopting a shared Vision of Wastewater Management

UNSGAB calls on Country Governments at UNCSD2012 to commit to strengthen their respective actions on pollution of freshwater by human activities by recognizing the linkages between wastewater, food and energy to ensure wastewater is used as a vital resource for development; adopting a shared vision of the ways to manage urban, industrial and agricultural wastewater including collection, treatment and reuse; taking steps to agree on targets related to wastewater management; and requesting the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) or another UN agency to collect national statistics on wastewater management and report on its global progress


Gérard Payen, UNSGAB


EU, UNSGAB , WWF, France

Further Reading

11 Oct 13

Taking place 7-9 May 2014 in Quebec, Canada, the third edition of the International Forum wants to contribute to a better management of transboundary waters resources whether they are surface waters or groundwaters. The Nexus is one of the Forum’s themes.

17 Nov 14

The book, edited by Walter Leal and Vakur Sumer, is intended to provide a notable contribution towards addressing the growing need for high-quality, interdisciplinary papers, which can be used not only as a valuable information source but also as tools to support teaching and research and, as an added value, help to assist in decision-making. Abstracts for chapter proposals must be submitted by 25 Dec 2014.

28 Nov 13

Closer regional cooperation of water, energy and environmental sectors on the sustainable use of waters; involvement of private sector in water infrastructure development; and introduction of a regional legal and coordination instrument to ensure achievement of these goals, are key issues South East Europe (SEE) needs to address in water resources management and hydropower production until 2020.

NEXUS in the Media

18 Dec 15


The COP21 agreement marks the start of a huge concerted effort in which the food industry will have a leading role to play, Ben Cooper writes.

29 Nov 12

The GSV Forum 2012 in New Delhi/India on 5 November 2012 brought together opinion leaders from South Asia and beyond to discuss the role business in society, nutrition, water and rural development. This video contains the session on “Water, energy, food security”.

03 Aug 15


A recent report from Chatham House, the international affairs think tank, noted the vital importance of cities to the global economy, calling them motors for growth.

10 Oct 12

Agriculture & Ecosystems Blog

The world’s rapid transition to urbanization contributes greatly to the pressure on water, food security, and energy, as the World Water Week Workshop on Securing Water and Food in an Urbanising World explored. We cannot simply look at urbanization as an urban problem. As Pay Drechsel from the International Water Management Institute stressed in the seminar, urbanization has strong links to rural and peri-urban areas, as urban centers become sinks for both rural-borne water and nutrients. The informal sector around many rapidly developing cities, such as Chennai, has entered into a highly lucrative business pumping tanks and aquifers dry and selling the water to cities. The water is transported by trucks, adding energy costs to cities’ water supply. Through this system, informal water markets supply cities with every drop of water they can get, quickly drying up peri-urban areas. While it requires significant infrastructure costs to redirect water sources from increasing distances towards cities, peri-urban areas are suffering as cities squeeze them dry of water resources.

13 Oct 14


Industry illegally injected about 3 billion gallons of fracking wastewater into central California drinking-water and farm-irrigation aquifers, the state found after the US Environmental Protection Agency ordered a review of possible contamination.


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