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22 Feb 12

Energy Company Investing in Municipal Water Loss Reduction to Address Water Risks

This private-public partnership intends to reduce water risks for a large South African energy company by enabling it to invest in water loss reduction in an “upstream” municipality, simultaneously reducing the municipality’s costs and its resident’s water insecurity. Key result will be the reduction of water losses in the ELM area by 12 million m3 by June 2014.


Martin Ginster, Environment Consultant, Sasol

Lead Organisation:



GIZ, Emflueni Municipality, BMZ, AusAid, DfID

Further Reading

19 Apr 11

Interview with Uschi Eid, Vice-Chair of the United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB)

12 Dec 13

NGOs, businesses and governments are collaborating to tackle the water, food, energy nexus, but efforts must be scaled up - by Gabrielle Walker, chief scientist at Xyntéo

08 Sep 14

Producing food at a local scale is one of the ways urban agriculture is involved in sustainably reshaping the interconnections between local water, energy, and food sectors in San Francisco. Here’s how! - by Colleen L. Boodleman

NEXUS in the Media

11 Mar 12

abc NEWS

President Obama is calling for Congress to end $4 billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies, and invest in clean energy instead, arguing that decreasing the nation’s dependence on oil will ease the pain at the pump.

07 Jan 14

The Ecologist

A new report, Amazonia Security Agenda by Global Canopy Programme and the Internatinal Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), which is summarized here, points out that continued deforestation of the Amazoinian region will cause the unthinkable: Droughts in the Amazonian region, among many other problems

17 Oct 12

DIE ZEIT online

The world underestimates a huge problem: the population is growing, at the same time we are losing huge amounts of fertile soil. Time to take action, says ex-minister Klaus Toepfer.

22 Oct 13


FAO at Green Global Growth Forum in Copenhagen calls for “innovative thinking” to measure and cut global food loss and waste along the food chain

12 Nov 13

World Resource Institute (WRI)

Energy production and water consumption are highly interlinked. The World Resource Institute’s blog present a new report which explored where these risks are highest


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