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30 Jan 13


“Feeding The World: Accelerating Global Collaboration on Food Security”, Amsterdam

Twelve months on from The Economist’s inaugural Feeding the World summit, a high-level audience will gather in Amsterdam to discuss how to accelerate progress in coordinating efforts to tackle the planet’s food security crisis.

Industry leaders, Government ministers, donors, aid agencies and representatives of the research community will explore opportunities to collaborate in delivering improved nutrition and sustainable agricultural markets.

  • Nutrition – what are the best ways to address the nutritional double burden of obesity and malnutrition?
  • Finance and risk management – what is the potential for microfinance and microinsurance to strengthen food security?
  • Science and technology – what is the effectiveness and potential of a number of approaches to boosting yield and productivity?

Related Events

27 Sep 12


The inaugural Feeding the World: Asia’s prospects of plenty summit took place on September 27th in Hong Kong. Underpinning the event was the question raised by The Economist’s globalisation editor, John Parker, chairperson of the summit and author of the eponymous special report-Will there be enough food to feed the world’s population, which is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050?

15–16 Nov 12


Bringing policy-makers together with agribusiness, donors, farmer organisations and civil society we will discuss what Africa needs in order to reproduce the Brazilian miracle.

Further Reading

10 Nov 11

A multimedia feature of Deutsche Welle

27 Oct 11

With global demand for freshwater supplies expected to increase by an estimated 40 percent by 2030, and food and energy demands to increase by 50 percent, increased collaboration between the three sectors is a requirement, according to Director of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Joppe Cramwinckel.

20 Nov 12

An interview with Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director of SIWI, summarising the outcomes of the World Water Week 2012

NEXUS in the Media

13 Mar 12

Water Canada

“The world is thirsty because we are hungry.” Such is the tagline for World Water Day, set for March 22. With a focus on Food Security, the United Nations is highlighting how water is connected to much wider economic and societal issues.

22 Aug 12


The World Water Week 2012 in Stockholm will zoom in on food security and the global water situation. This is warranted not least from the perspective of the increasing imbalances in global food security. In this article, Dr. Anders Jägerskog sums up the thrust of a report he edited on this topic, which is meant to provide input for the Week’s deliberations.

16 Oct 12

Agriculture & Ecosystems Blog

With food prices on the rise again, World Food Day this week should attract more attention than usual. Food security is back on the political agenda. That’s good. The world needs to think hard about how it can double food productions in the next 40 years - to keep nine billion people with changing diet expectations fed. And about how to do it while keeping food prices low and stable enough to avoid bread riots. But there are some important questions about the right way to achieve food security that are not getting asked enough. Food security for whom? Is the unleashing of agribusiness the right way to raise productivity? Can markets deliver for the poorest? Will feeding the corporate bottom line also feed the world?

22 Aug 12


The World Water Week 2012 will focus on food security and the global water situation. To bring some perspectives to that debate Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is launching a report called “Feeding a Thirsty World: Challenges and Opportunities for a Water and Food Secure Future”. The publication is intended to provide an overview of the areas that relate to food security and water. It will give food for thought through providing the latest knowledge on issues such as food waste, land acquisition and water, gender aspects of agriculture, early warning systems for agricultural emergencies as well as a take on water and food linkages. The articles of the report aim to provoke appropriate concern and inspire action where needed. Getting the question of water and food security “right” is not simply urgent and important. It is imperative to the health and well-being of all people and the planet.


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