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Addressing the Water - Energy - Food Security Nexus: Challenges and Solutions in (International) River Basins | Water Energy Food Nexus, Bonn 2011

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27 Aug 12

Seminar at the World Water Week Stockholm

Addressing the Water - Energy - Food Security Nexus: Challenges and Solutions in (International) River Basins

The seminar focuses on the water-food-energy security nexus in (international) basins. It discusses tools for understanding the nexus dimensions and seeks to identify innovative management approaches in targeting challenges, which allow for considering water, food and energy needs of riparian states and are conducive to benefit-sharing.

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The Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions

A global dialogue platform for best practices and optimisation of multi-purpose water infrastructure. By Mark Smith, Director IUCN Global Water Programme Gland, Switzerland


Eye on Mongolia: Facing the water, sanitation and food security challenge

by Jürgen Hofmann, IGB (Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries), D. Tuul, PSARI (Plant Science and Research Institute, Darkhan), and B. Enkhtuya, AUD (Agricultural Unviersity Darkhan)


Water-energy-food security nexus in the Guadiana river basin

by Ramón Llamas and Maite Aldaya, Consultants, UNEP, Water Observatory - Botin Foundation


Lake Winnipeg and Remote Nexus Influences

by Rick Lawford, Senior Scientist, Morgan State University Associate, IISD, and Hank Venema VP, IISD


Nexus in and nexus-driven connections between river basins: Reflection of global nexus changes in large basins

by Janos J. Bogardi, Executive Officer of GWSP

Related Events

26–31 Aug 12


The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991.

28 Aug 12

Workshop at the World Water Week Stockholm

This Workshop will address a series of innovative frameworks that help analyse technical solutions as well as trade-offs in the water-food-energy nexus for better informed decision-making.

30 Aug 12

Seminar at the World Water Week Stockholm

This seminar will analyse how the water-food nexus is being affected by climate change in two of the more important mountain regions of the world: the Andes and the Himalayas. The seminar will review concepts, discuss relevant cases that address different dimensions of the water-food nexus and innovative approaches for dealing with depleting resources, as well as provide guidance to mitigate the impact of the vulnerable water-food nexus in developing regions.

Further Reading

17 Nov 14

The book, edited by Walter Leal and Vakur Sumer, is intended to provide a notable contribution towards addressing the growing need for high-quality, interdisciplinary papers, which can be used not only as a valuable information source but also as tools to support teaching and research and, as an added value, help to assist in decision-making. Abstracts for chapter proposals must be submitted by 25 Dec 2014.

13 Jun 11

Interview with Daniel Bena, director of Sustainable Development at PepsiCo

02 Jun 14

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has released a report on the water, food and energy nexus, titled “Co-optimizing Solutions: Water and Energy for Food, Feed and Fiber.” The report shows how meeting the world’s growing demand for food and other agricultural products can be achieved while minimizing environmental impact, and is based on research and quantitative analysis of global linkages.

NEXUS in the Media

23 Dec 14

Abu Dhabi City Guide

Global water leaders representing private industry, the public sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will convene in Abu Dhabi In January 2015 to attend the International Water Summit (IWS).

15 May 12

Rural 21

Prior to the much anticipated Rio + 20 Conference of sustainable development; about 300 participants were invited to the River Basin Management conference in Thailand. Agreed upon among other key areas of discussion, was that water uses must meet the food, energy and water needs of the population and that a nexus approach is needed.

12 Aug 13

Jakarta Post

Indonesia faces a silent but imminent crisis in food, energy and water supplies. There are several indicators that point to food scarcity in which the reduction in energy subsidies will not play a big role.

28 Aug 14

Entrepreneurship Matters

We can’t prevent global shortages of drinking water while providing enough food and energy to meet the needs of a growing population in a climate-constrained world if we don’t understand the linkages between water, energy and food security. Here’s a look at how our demands for energy, food and water all drive each other, and how we can prevent them from driving in the wrong direction.

11 Nov 11

Farming First

The Water, Energy and Food nexus refers to the interlinked risks of water security, food security and energy security. With the current combined challenges of degraded ecosystems, a rapidly increasing demand for resources, climate change, growing urbanization and globalization, there is a threat that social-ecological systems at all levels will be driven across critical thresholds.


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