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12–13 Jul 12

Re|Source 2012

“Food Energy Water (for all)”

The world’s supplies of food, energy and water are in greater demand than at any other time in human history – yet these vital natural resources are finite. Governments and business have to find new ways to manage resources and mitigate the risks of scarcity.

Prepare for the unexpected. For two days in July, great thinkers and leaders will converge on Oxford for a new kind of forum. From politics to philanthropy, from the arts to the military, from business to academia, Re|Source brings together the best in their fields. Using interactive technologies, panels & debates, Re|Source will address pressing & specific resource issues & come up with original, workable ideas & untapped investment opportunities. ReSource 2012 is hosted by the University of Oxford and its Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, in co-operation with The Rothschild Foundation.

For business leaders, the way the world responds will shape the competitive landscape over the next 20 years and beyond. CEOs and finance professionals need to understand how the inter-related forces of supply, demand and demographic change will affect their interests and those of their shareholders – but also how they will open up new opportunities.

Related Media Coverage

12 Jul 12

The Guardian

Jo Confino blogs live from the high level Resource sustainability conference at Oxford University’s Smith School, which is looking at new ways to manage resources and mitigate the risks of scarcity.

25 Apr 12

MarketWatch (by Wallstreet Journal)

The international business and finance community must take the lead in solving increasing food, energy and water scarcity as population growth and economic development puts greater strains on the planet’s resources. This call to action was issued today by Re|Source 2012, a new initiative created by the University of Oxford, its Smith School of Enterprise and Environment and The Rothschild Foundation to tackle resource scarcity and highlight the business opportunities of sustainable management.

Further Reading

17 Dec 13

Research papers are welcome for Volume 2 Issue 1 (May 2014) based on the theme of “Water for Food”.The submission deadline for abstract is 30 Dec 2013.

27 Feb 13

Andy Wales, Senior Vice President Sustainable Development for SABMiller, explains the water-food-energy Nexus and why is it so important.

23 Apr 12

What has brought nexus thinking to the fore, and what does this nexus look like? How does it relate to climate compatible development?

NEXUS in the Media

20 Mar 15


Often decisions are made without cross-sectoral coordination, targeting sector-specific optima and, thereby, resulting in risks and uncertainties across sectors and scales.

10 Nov 14

IChemE President’s Blog

The nexus challenge sits at the centre of IChemE’s technical collaboration with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

09 Jul 13

The Guardian

In this video by the Guardian the Guardian’s Jo Confino speaks to Sir Gordon Conway from Imperial College London, Tim Fox from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Andy Wales, senior vice president sustainable development, SABMiller about the connections between water and food.


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