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21–23 May 14

Nexus Conference

IWA Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014

The problems commony known as the water energy food nexus are too tighly interwoven to tackle them alone. On this conference in Mexico City, there will be lots of opportunities to share knowledge from all of thoses fields from all over the world and to strengthen ties to tackle those problems together

The conference addresses a global mosaic of member communities, including academic researchers and research centres, utilities, consultants, regulators, industrial water users and water equipment manufacturers. With this broad potential audience, a large impact is intended to sustainably tackle the complex problems of the nexus. The conference is going to be accompanied by an exhibition

The conference organizers strive to connect many communities, organisations and industries to present best preactise solutions how they minimized their impact on water and energy consumption and how to minimize their carbon footprint and improve water security.

Experts form across the water circle will have the chance to discuss and share their knowledge in a broad variety of event formats: technical sessions, workshops, panel debates, discussion groups, Young Water Professional sessions and industry interaction.

The conference is not tailored for researchers or practioners, but for a broad exchange of knowledge between those groups.

The call for papers for this event has been extended until 15 Dec 2013.

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“Solutions for Future Water Security”

IWA WEC conference will provide a platform for discussion of cutting edge solutions to the world’s water and energy issues, while also addressing approaches to sustainable and effective adaptation throughout the water sector.

Further Reading

12 Dec 13

IWA WEC conference will provide a platform for discussion of cutting edge solutions to the world’s water and energy issues, while also addressing approaches to sustainable and effective adaptation throughout the water sector.

18 Feb 15

On 18 Feb 2015, the hosts of the event, The Water Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and collaborators, announced that this conference, one of the leading nexus events of the year, has been cancelled due to very low registration.

19 Apr 12

On 13 April 2012 Germany officially submitted its application for Bonn to accommodate the headquarters of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Uschi Eid, Co-Chairs of the Bonn2011 Nexus Conference, has recently been nominated as ambassadors to promote this application.

NEXUS in the Media

29 Dec 14

Ecosystem Marketplace

As the constraint on natural resources increases, the public and private sector are becoming more receptive to holistic nature-based solutions to address infrastructure and other challenges. Ecosystem Marketplace noticed particular growth in this area as it looks back over the year.

04 Aug 15

Khaleej Times

The UAE’s GDP in 2014 was supported mainly by its safe haven status amid regional instability, its tourism and hospitality sectors and a rebounding real estate sector.

21 Aug 13

Felix Dodds Blog

Felix Dodds gives an update on the agenda of the forthcoming “Nexus 2014: Climate-Water-Food-Energy” Conference taking place 3-7 Mar 2014 in Chapel Hill, USA. “One of the outcomes from the conference,” Dodds says, “will be a co-directors Declaration which will feed into the development of Sustainable Development Goals from a Nexus perspective.”

27 Oct 14

Abu Dhabi City Guide

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced that it will be presenting its specialized research-focused degree programs to young UAE nationals at Najah 2014, the leading education training exhibition and career fair in the Middle East. At this event, UAE national PhD student Ahmed Al Harethi will showcase his project that illustrates the role of native microalgae strains in the food-water-energy nexus.

10 Dec 12

AME Info

The United Arab Emirates hosted COP18’s central discussion of the energy-water-food-climate nexus, in cooperation with New York University. The panel, “It Never Rains in the GCC,” had identified priority government interventions in the market to manage the nexus as its global significance intensities.


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