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NEXUS Calendar

Archive 2015

20–21 Feb 15


The Conference will aim to deliberate and discuss on business related issues revolving around sustainability, geopolitical impacts around global trade mechanisms, agriculture, land use, water and energy nexus, climate change and its linkages to development. Focus themes would include emerging market mechanisms that provide transformative solutions including potential game changers in business and industry.

12 Feb 15

The Economic and Social Research Council is planning a call with funding partners Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Environment Agency (EA) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) for a new research centre to address the challenges associated with evaluating complexity. A meeting with funders in London will take place on 12 Feb 2015 for focused discussion and consortium building surrounding this forthcoming funding opportunity.

29–30 Jan 15


The Lower Mekong Initiative Regional Working Group Meeting will take place in Bangkok during 29-30 January 2015 with an emphasis on the cooperation on water, energy, and food issues

21–22 Jan 15


The Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC) organizes in Barcelona, Spain, for 21st and 22nd January 2015 the “Euro-Mediterranean projects dialogue to enhance water-energy-food nexus meeting”.

19–22 Jan 15

Summit and Exhibition

The International Water Summit (IWS) is a global platform for promoting water sustainability in arid regions. IWS brings together world leaders, field experts, academia luminaries and business innovators to accelerate the development of new sustainable strategies and technologies.


  • IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  • WEF World Economic Forum
  • WWF World Wide Fund for Nature

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