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NEXUS Calendar

Archive 2015

26 Aug 15


The seminar explores the nexus between water and energy in water and waste water utilities.

24 Aug 15

Nexus Dialogue Seminar

This seminar on World Water Week 2015 aims to discuss the business case to move from default built solutions to including natural infrastructure in a cost effective manner to secure water across sectors, as well as enable a soft and flexible development pathway.

23–28 Aug 15


Water for Development

28–30 Jul 15


Solar 2015 (#Solar2015) will be hosted within a new environment at the Pennsylvania State University.

21 Jul 15


The drought in the American west is making people painfully aware of the food-water-energy nexus.

06 Jul 15


This event will include several sector-based scenarios, which could affect four strategic sectors for Latin America and Caribbean economies in the next 10 years.

01–03 Jul 15


The conferences, organised by the Institute of Australian Geographers at the Australian National University (ANU), focuses on exploring and strengthening the links between geography and the diverse domains that geographers apply themselves. The conference will draw attention to the existing and potential contributions made by geographers to the policy sphere and wider governance system through interactions with the business sector, the not for profit sector and others, in a wide range of contexts, from urban to rural. Two planned sessions deal explicitly with the nexus.

29–30 Jun 15


The Nexus Network workshop on ‘Transdisciplinary Methods for Developing Nexus Capabilities’, at the University of Sussex, UK on 29-30 June 2015, will take a critical look the research challenge in addressing nexus issues. Workshop interactions will be based on short panel interactions, with break-out groups and lots of room for discussion.

25 Jun 15


The conference will offer expert plenary sessions and panel presentations filled with case studies, real world projects and positive examples of nexus opportunities that exist for water and energy which benefit government, industry and first nations.

14 Ju–12 Jul 15


Leadership in a Complex World: The Food, Water and Energy Nexus


  • IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  • WEF World Economic Forum
  • WWF World Wide Fund for Nature

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