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NEXUS Calendar

Archive 2014

11 Dec 14


Hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center, this roundtable pinpoints the nexus risks to businesses, and examines why and how leadership from the private sector, in collaboration with key stakeholders, is critical to successfully manage the synergies and tradeoffs among water, food, and energy infrastructure for the benefit of society, business, and the environment.

10 Dec 14


This autumn series of Green Breakfasts will feature four leading international scientists from Oxford University, from a former Director of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider to the Chair of a Royal Society Future Earth group.

09–10 Dec 14

Regional Roundtable

The Regional Roundtable aims to assist in the achievement of the SEE 2020 strategy objectives. It is the first step in a process to introduce and catalyze action for the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems Nexus approach as means to enhance integrated and sustainable management of natural resources and assist towards climate change adaptation. The Roundtable is organized in the framework of the South East Europe (SEE) 2020 Strategy, the Petersberg Phase 11 /Athens Declaration Process, the UNECE Water Convention and the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative (MED EUWI).

28 Nov 14

The Nexus Network

The first thematic workshop of the The Nexus Network, led by the University of East Anglia, will take place in London, immediately after the Network’s annual conference.

27 Nov 14

The Nexus Network

Inaugural conference of the Nexus Network

27–28 Nov 14

Senior-level Forum

The OECD Global Forum on Environment will focus on three areas that can contribute to more integrated policy-making. Topics for discussion will include the need to improve knowledge of the interactions between the different dimensions; how to send the right policy and price signals to users and financiers; and how to plug the nexus into the broader development agenda, particularly in the context of post-2015 discussions.

27 Nov 14

OECD Lunch Discussion

The lunch discussion during the OECD Global Forum on Environment explores the possibility for a reinforced nexus oriented approach to water management in the EECCA region.

26 Nov 14

Launch Event

The FE2W Network intends to provide decision-makers at all levels with the knowledge and frameworks to effectively manage the tradeoffs between the security of food, energy, environment and water (FE2W).

25–27 Nov 14


The “Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Practice” Forum is a one-day event focusing around three key themes: “Responsible governance of natural resources”; “Collaborative policy and practice”; and “Economic growth and the way forward”.

17 Nov 14


On occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre has invited prominent policy-makers and researchers from across the Asia-Pacific region to celebrate, look back on its achievements to date, and share ideas and perspectives on the Centre’s current and future work.


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