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NEXUS Calendar

16–19 Feb 16


Join experts in academia, industry, government and the non-profit world for a fresh look at some of the most vital energy issues

facing society in the second annual UT Energy Week, organized by The University of Texas at Austin’s Energy Institute, student-led Longhorn Energy Club, and KBH Center for Energy, Law & Business. Conference supporters include the Cockrell School of Engineering, the Jackson School of Geosciences, CleanTX, and Texas Exes, along with academic units engaged in energy related research across the UT Austin campus.

22 Feb 16


The overall goal of the ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus’ (WEF nexus) High Impact Opportunity (HIO) is to contribute to the achievement of the SE4ALL objectives through better use of the WEF nexus perspective

22 Feb 16


The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate dialogue on the centrality of the energy agenda and the cross-cutting implications for the SDGs

06 Apr 16


This year’s workshop on “Governance transformation and integrated information for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus” will be held in Kyoto, Japan.

21–23 Jun 16


The conference will be discussing critical water issues in the southeastern United States, as well as across the continent and globe.

26–29 Jun 16


As the Science of Sustainability, Ecological Economics must advance the transformation of the economy to support rather than debilitate the processes that sustain our living planet. Most fundamental to such an economy is its support of basic live support systems like food, water and energy, and its support of social justice and a quality life for all.

10–14 Jul 16


The Global Platform to Share and Co-create Innovative Water Solutions

07 Oct 16


Climate change presents Alberta’s resource dependent economy with numerous challenges, but these challenges are not entirely new.

NEXUS Event Archive

01 Fe–27 Mar 16


The 8-week course, which will run from Feb. 1 to Mar. 27 2016, will introduce participants to the Energy-Agriculture Nexus and approaches for sustainably providing energy throughout all stages of agricultural value chains.

21–23 Jan 16


The symposium will help galvanize research collaboration among faculty across multiple disciplines and facilitate applied research with design professionals.

19–21 Jan 16


Addressing the interconnected systems involving food, water and energy is critical to achieving solutions to one of the most pressing issues facing our planet.

19 Ja–15 May 16

Online Course

Study: Principles and application of the Water-Energy-Food nexus to state, national and international Water-Energy-Food securities and the interlinkages between them.

07 Jan 16

Event Series

The first Ag Innovation Investor Forum in this new series will focus on three rising stars based in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas, deploying renewable energy solutions perfect for sustainable agriculture.


  • IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  • WEF World Economic Forum
  • WWF World Wide Fund for Nature

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