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NEXUS Calendar, The camp is targeting 10-15 year olds. The camp theme is tied to the UN’s World Water Day 2014. Organised by Greyfos Consulting Nairobi, Kenya. | Water Energy Food Nexus, Bonn 2011

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NEXUS Calendar

06–09 Aug 14


The camp is targeting 10-15 year olds. The camp theme is tied to the UN’s World Water Day 2014. Organised by Greyfos Consulting Nairobi, Kenya.

The organisers want the kids to understand symbiotic relationship. For example: How water is used to generate energy? How energy in turn is used to convey the water to the users? How generation can lead to water stress? How to ensure everyone has the water and energy they need? How to supply water and energy while safeguarding the planet? How to reduce water & energy consumption at home?

31 Aug–05 Sep 14

Water-Energy Nexus

In addressing the water-energy nexus, the World Water Week 2014 in Stockholm will attempt to take an overall “systems view” of how to develop and manage energy and water for the good of society and ecosystems - at local, national, regional and global levels - and avoid unintended consequences of narrow sectoral approaches. The “water, energy and food security nexus”, underpinning the green growth approach, will be central to the agenda.

08–09 Sep 14


Intersectoral approaches as well as transboundary search for solutions on the nexus approach will be discussed on a meeting organized by UNECE in September 2014. This is a follow up meeting to an initial meeting in April 2013

06–08 Oct 14


This panel at SXSW Eco at Austin/Texas intends to teach how the renewable energy water nexus can be harnessed together.

29–31 Oct 14


The Lyon Conference aims to be a transition from the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille (France) in 2012 to the next one, the seventh edition of the World Water Forum, in Daegu (South Korea) in 2015.

11–13 Nov 14

International Conference

A conference for optimising infrastructure and technology to build partnerships for water, energy and food security.

27 Nov 14

The Nexus Network

Inaugural conference of the Nexus Network

28 Nov 14

The Nexus Network

The first thematic workshop of the The Nexus Network, led by the University of East Anglia, will take place in London, immediately after the Network’s annual conference.

25–27 Mar 15

Conference Series

The conference is a first in a series of biyearly conferences aiming at developing a post-2015 agenda for a nexus approach on water, soil and waste

15–16 Apr 15

The Nexus Network

The second thematic workshop of the Nexus Network, led by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership brings a particular focus on the role of business in dealing with nexus challenges.

NEXUS Event Archive

21–25 Jul 14


The Symposium offers a platform for researchers, postgraduate students, policy-makers, funders, implementers, and members of Food-Energy-Water Security consortium. It aims at giving an opportunity for sharing insights and exchanging views about key drivers and barriers to achieving food-energy-water security; gaps in exiting research and practice, along with the associated uncertainties.

30 Jun 14


In the past, water and energy have been addressed as two separate issues. But in reality, water and energy are very connected and sustainable management of either resource requires consideration of the other.

27 Jun 14

Defra-Nexus Network Workshop

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has joined forces with the Nexus Network to bring researchers from across a range of disciplines together with policy makers and other stakeholders to share insights and develop interdisciplinary approaches to nexus challenges.

25–27 Jun 14


The Third Regional Workshop was organized from 25 June to 27 June 2014 in Viet Nam in the context of the project “Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: the Urban Nexus”, implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and UN ESCAP, and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

25 Jun 14

Research Workshop

The Global Food Security Programme (GFS) is holding a horizon-scanning workshop on the “nexus” in central London. This workshop brings together around fifty senior industry and public sector decision-makers with academic communities whose research interests span the nexus. The aim is to clarify and stimulate thinking, identify interdisciplinary research priorities, and foster cross-sector collaboration.


  • IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute
  • WEF World Economic Forum
  • WWF World Wide Fund for Nature

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